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Cup Hunt

With the Hawks starting their season in a little over a week, I have hockey on the brain.  It seems like only yesterday Austin and I were meeting the Stanley Cup champs.  I thought I’d share the little story of how that happened.  If you know me, you shouldn’t be surprised.  I am all over that kind of stuff.  Although, I have to admit, the first time around I had no clue about cup hunting.  I had only been a hockey fan for about few years at that point, after going to my first game at the Madhouse.  They had only recently started televising games.  I really had no idea what I had been missing.  I had watched the Bulls religiously when I was younger and remember all of the championships.  I remember celebrating and staying up all night on Michigan Ave in order to attend the rally.  But, there was no such thing as the team celebrating all summer with their trophy.

Why did no one mention to me that is what happened in hockey?  It wasn’t until I saw it on the news and social media outlets that I figured it out.  We watched the first championship in Wrigleyville and celebrated in the streets that night.

Wrigleyville Hawks celebration

Wrigleyville Hawks celebration

Why did my husband let me sleep in the next morning instead of forcing me to go find that cup?  I mean, he told me to go the Pony, but I thought he was kidding.  So, that first day or so, I was a slacker.  But by the third or fourth day, my eyes were glued to every social media outlet that could tell me where the cup was.  I missed the parade since one of my best friends was getting married that weekend, but when we returned home, the cup hunt was in full force.  After a false alarm at Rockit Wrigley, we had to make a choice between two of my favorite place:  Joes Bar or the Underground.   We chose Underground.    NOPE!  The cup went to Joes that night.  But, I was able to spot Kaner at the Underground that night.  Later that summer, I had to go to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting for an assignment for an Addictions class for school.  It just so happened that Lord Stanley was across the street that day for a public showing.  There was no way I was going to that meeting; no worries.  My professor was a huge Hawks fan and I was able to turn in my assignment late.  Instead, this happened:



Fast forward to this past summer.  Now that I knew all about the cup hunt, guess what?  I was in the ‘burbs.  Poor planning on our part, having moved the day before!  It’s also a little more difficult bar hopping looking for the cup with a toddler in tow.  But don’t you worry, Austin and I went on a cup hunt.  And this is what happened:



I had seen on twitter that it was going to be media day at the UC.  Surely the cup would be there.  I wasn’t even thinking about the players.  They have their own driveway, so how would I spot them?  Austin and I had to drop off our closing check since our condo was being sold that afternoon.  So, I thought while we were in the city I would just drive to the UC to see what was going on there.   There were a few fans there.  I took some pics with Austin and the Michael Jordon statue that was donning the hawks jersey.  We took a walk around the block and then I heard it:  One of the workers was telling another worker to get inside on the ice to get their pic with the Cup.  Confirmation that it was inside!  When I got back to the statue, one of the other people who was hanging around told me we just missed Kaner!  Bummer!  So, were the players really entering this way?  Ofcourse they were.  Most of them were being dropped off because they were hungover.  Imagine being that cab driver when Hossa gets in your cab.  Yep, he cabbed it.  He was also late so he didn’t take any pics.  Neither did this guy; which was the biggest disappointment for me.



I was super excited to be able to meet these guys and congratulate them in person.  I was super surprised more people were not there.  And some of them that were, must not have been that big of fans.  “Who’s that?”.  Um, well look at his face.  Remember that puck to the face?  That’s Shaw, move aside so I can get a picture.  “Who’s that”?  Um, that’s our goalie.  To their defense, Crawford (or prob any goalie for that matter) is not at all what you would expect.  With all that gear, you imagine them being much bigger.  Well, at least these guys knew who Toews was, geez.

So, we didn’t find the cup this year (yet), but we found the guys that brought it back to us.  I would say that was a success.  And it will be a great story for Austin when he’s older.  As a result of our fun day, I decided to stay home from the parade the next day.  Because, it really couldn’t get any better than that day.  I can’t wait for my first game this year October 5th!  Go Hawks! And follow the hashtag #cuptracker for word on the cups location.  It has dwindled down as the summer has progressed, but that it what I was glued to after the win.









What was I thinking?

What was I thinking not getting pit tickets? That’s all I keep thinking about when I think about the Dierks Bentley show last week. Miranda Lambert was actually the “headliner” it seemed ; but let’s be honest. It was Dierk’s show. He rocked from start to finish, running across stage and interacting with the fans. All while rocking lyrics and his guitar.

And I could have been in the pit! The day tickets went on sale to the fan club, my computer was acting up. In the end, I purchased 3 sets of tickets, not realizing they all went through. One was a set of pit tickets. I decided maybe I didn’t want to be standing the whole time, so I opted for seats on the side of the stage, 3rd row. They were pretty good seats, but I didn’t realize the stage went into the pit! Thats would have allowed for interaction with Dierks. Oh well, I will suck it up for sure next time.

Miranda put on a good show; but I just wasn’t really as it to it as I thought despite being a fan. I think if was because I wanted more Dierks!

If you are at all curious about all this country music hype that I feel has been becoming more mainstream in a lot of ways- I really encourage you to check it out. You might realize it’s a lot different than you expect. Sure, there are still some more honky tonk artists/songs out there. But a lot of the current music has a lot more rock feel to it. Check out Dierks Bentley or Jason Aldean. They are two that definitly have a lot of rock in them.


Intervention binders

Part of my job as a school psychologist is looking at data and figuring out which students need extra help (interventions) and whether or not those interventions are helping. I put together these binders as a reference for teachers. Many of the interventions are from I just printed out the ones that were relevent for our middle school students. I also have a book that I think is a great resource. Susan Fitzell’s RTI strategies for Secondary Teachers. She spoke at a learning disabilities conference I attended a few years ago and presented a lot of great ideas for differentiated instruction and interventions. Check out her website: I used some of the strategies from her book in the binders as well. Don’t worry: I asked permission to copy and use pages from her book! My binders are divided into 4 sections: Reading, Math, Writing and Behavior/ Organization. I also included some hand outs regarding the RTI process and an instructional planning form that could be useful im documenting interventions. Hopefully these will be a helpful resource! I will let you know at the end of the year. 20130906-173938.jpg

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