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Time flies

Our life is about to get a million times busier with the arrival of Addison. So, being the organized person that I am, I wanted to start planning Austin’s 2nd birthday party so that we are set to go
in June. I love entertaining and am super excited to finally have a house to entertain in! As I am beginning to plan, I thought back to Austin’s first birthday.




Since we just moved out of our condo, we decided to have the party at a forest preserve. With all the craziness of the move, we just decided to order a bunch of Jimmy John’s and some sides. This was VERY difficult for me because I love cooking and baking. But, it made the most sense. I bought some printables from etsy which is all decorations you see. Alot of the ideas were inspired by pinterest with my own twist on things. One of my absolute favorites was the lifesaver/ smarties airplanes.

This time around, we will have the party at our house. And yes, I know things will be crazy with a four week old. But I don’t want Austin’s birthday to get lost in the shuffle. He absolutley loves the show Paw Patrol, so that’s the theme we are going for. You know what would be helpful ? If the show actually produced some products to buy! I think its a fairly popular show with kids, but their first product line isn’t due out until this summer. I found some printables I will use and just picked up some supplies at party city the other night. I can’t wait to share in June!

In other news, since Addison is due in two weeks, every day seems like it could be the day. Stay tuned !



Counting carbs

So, what could quite possibly be the worst thing this bread, pasta and sweets lover could hear? Gestational diabetes. Yes, my friends, I failed the dreaded 1 AND 3 hour glucose test resulting in a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. This means bottomless pasta bowls and 6 cookie snacks need to be a thing of the past.

Gestational diabetes can arise near the third trimester and typically disappears after child birth. Until then, I have to poke myself with a needle and check my bood sugar in the morning and then two hours after each meal. As if buying a home, taking care of a toddler, having a baby and working are not stressful enough, now I have to worry about my protein/ veggie to carb consumption. I am on week 2 and I just don’t get it yet. I generally eat pretty well, but that doesn’t seem to matter all the time. And then I can eat a delicious meal of something I think will put me over the limit ( like my biscuits and gravy yesterday) and my blood sugar is okay! Then, I’m mad I didn’t eat more.

Anyone who has any tips in terms of managing diabetes, gestational or other, any advice is greatly appreciated! Otherwise, its going to be a long 12 weeks.


Announcing Baby #2 with cupcakes

Right when I was getting back into this blogging thing, I found out we were going to have baby #2! So, all the energy and time I was getting back suddenly disappeared. You can’t get much done when your toddler goes to bed at 8 and you yourself are about to pass out by 8:30. We are super excited and feel super blessed that we are fortunate enough to be having baby #2 as planned. Well, maybe a month or two earlier than imagined. So, our house hunt has been in full swing and we will hopefully be moved into our own place by May!

I know that many people begin to show early the second time around, but I really started to show. I unpacked those maternity clothes almost immediatley. I am not sure how I was able to keep it a secret until our 12th week, but I did it! I respected Drew’s wishes and kept it a secret from my friends this time and we even waited until about the 7th week to tell our parents. When 12 weeks rolled around, I was ready to tell the world. Mostly because it was becoming exhausting each morning picking out clothes that would hide my bump!
I wanted to come up with a cute idea to tell my co- workers, so I searched pinterest for ideas. I saw that someone had used a picture of a cupcake to announce, since baby is about the width of a cupcake at 13 weeks. Perfect! I love to bake so I decided to actually bake some cupcakes for the announcement.

I baked my favorite cookies and cream cupcakes


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