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Hi, and welcome to my blog!  I’m starting this blog because I think I may be overwhelming my facebook friends with some of my frequent posts of cooking, baking and exercising.  So, I thought this might be a better way to get all of that out of my system!  I love cooking and eating food, so I am trying to find a healthy balance of healthy food and exercise so that I don’t have to feel guilty about my love for baked goods and not-so-healthy-for-you foods like mac-n-cheese =)   I’m still a little new to cooking and baking, so in the beginning I might make more references to the recipes I have gathered from others.  I hope for that to change soon though.

Aside from food and exercise, I will probably be blogging about things like decorating my home, traveling, and just life in general.  I hope you enjoy!

Here are a few tidbits about me:

I’m a city girl in love with the city of Chicago, where I live with my hubby. The real estate market is helping me win the battle of staying here rather than moving to the ‘burbs.

When I am not wasting too much time on Facebook, or now this blog, you can find me running, practicing yoga, reading realistic fiction, drinking too much craft beer and wine, eating too much of Chicago’s wonderful food, singing along to country music (something I would never have guessed 10 years ago and an interest that many of my friends do not share) and spending way to much time in airports flying standby to places I want to visit.

I love researching free activities and events in the Chicagoland area, so you can be sure I will share these tips with you =)



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