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Grilled Pizza

We decided to try grilling pizza for the first time the other night. It was definitely a trial and error experience and I am glad we were prepared by making enough pizza so that even if we messed up we would still have enough.

In the end we had some tasty pizza, which will be a pretty quick meal once we get the hang of it. Rather than make the dough, we bought some pre-made pizza dough from Trader Joes. Drew had the regular dough and I had the garlic and herb. Have you tried the garlic and herb? It is amazing! It would also be really good to use for breadsticks. All you do is brush some olive oil over the dough and let each side cook for a few minutes before you put on the ingredients.

I read different directions from various sources. We cooked on med/ high heat. The intention was to have one side with a flame, and one side indirect heat. The indirect heat was supposed to cook the pizza once the ingredients were added, but it really wasn’t working. We figured it was because the temperature in the grill was lowering from us opening the grill so much. It should get better once we get the hang of it.

Drew had a BBQ chicken pizza and I had Margherita ( plus red onions). I was really happy with mine, it turned out really good on the second try.




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  1. pleasantandhome

    We finally have a grill large enough for pizza so also tried recently. We found getting the dough onto the grill to be a little tricky but hopefully with some more practice/flour we can figure that out. And we also recently discovered the TJ garlic and herb – SO good!


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