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Day out with Thomas

Yesterday we visited the Illinois Railway Museum for a Day Out With Thomas. Austin doesn’t really watch t.v. He wouldn’t watch any of it if it  was only up to me, since I think playing in the real world is a better learning experience than being parked in front of the t.v. What are your thoughts about t.v. time and kids?

I do, however, turn on Thomas the Train from time to time because Austin loves trains. The Metra ran past our old condo, so he would run to the window to watch it whenever he heard it. Even when he was crawling, he crawled on over, pulled himself  up and had himself a look. Rush hour was like Christmas- he would be able to see about 6 trains within a half hour! We don’t see as many trains in the burbs except for when we happen to see one on a walk. We are close enough to hear the horn at times, but its such a tease because he can’t see it.
Anyways, for the reasons above we were excited to visit Thomas. For the next two weekends, Thomas will be visiting the Illinois Railway Museum. You should really go; it was fun! And its super cute seeing all the little ones dressed in their Thomas shirts excited to see their favorite train.

Admission is $19 per person; 2 years old and under is free. When we decided we were going to go on the Friday, I went on-line to look at tickets. Each 1/2 hour time block was sold out! The site did say there was limited tickets available at the museum, so after a quick call they assured me there would be tickets.

We arrived at the event right at 9 when the gates opened. How it works is there is a ride with Thomas every half hour and we were able to get tickets for the first ride at 10:00. The tickets include the ride with Thomas at the time you select and then everything else on site. There is an entertainment tent (singing, magician), bouncy houses, a sand pile to play/ dig in, a Thomas store, a model train and all of the regular train exhibits. We also rode the “Western and Roscoe” streetcar. Austin had a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it to families. If your kids like trains in general, I would suggest the trip to the museum any time of year. It was only a 45 minute ride from Arlington Heights and many hours of fun when we were there.




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