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Give: Housewarming

Last week, I put together a little housewarming gift for some friends of mine. It has been re-pinned so many times that I thought I would share it with you guys. Whenever I give a gift for a special occasion, I like to put together some kind of a themed gift. What I mean by that is that each little gift goes together. For example, a “baking” gift filled with baking supplies. So, for a housewarming gift I wanted everything to be of value in a new home. I found a cute idea which includes a bunch of different items that have a particular meaning/blessing for the new house. The blessings are as follows:

Bread: So that the house may never know hunger

Salt: That life may always have flavor

Wine: So you will always be of good cheer

Honey: So that you may always enjoy the sweetness of life

Candle: So this house will always have light

I set out to World Market to collect each piece, since they have a bunch of unique food/gift items. I actually only ended up getting the Salt, Honey and Candle there. I also bought a colander to place all the items in, since I thought that would be more useful than a basket and as equally cute. While gifts usually have tissue paper, I used dish towels for the “colander basket”. I put a bottle of Alto Vineyards wine in the gift “basket”. My brother-in-law works at this Southern Illinois winery and they have some tasty wine. Last, I picked up a freshly baked loaf of bread that morning from the local farmers market. I actually bought it from a nun: the proceeds were being used for mission trips for one of the local churches. How much more of a blessing can you get but to get the bread from the church? =)




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