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Night train/ Legends of summer

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Happy Wednesday! I am off to Napa, woot woot. This is an extra busy week for me, but in a fun way. I spent 2 of the last 4 days the fields of Chicago (Wrigley Field/ Soldier Field. Neither was for sports though. First up was a Saturday Jason Aldean show at Wrigley. Then it was on to Soldier Field for JT and Jay Z on Monday. Total opposites, right? Even though country has been on the top of my music genre list for the last couple years, R&B/Hip Hop used to hold that top spot. So here is what I thought about the shows:

Jason Aldean/Nightrain

Well, the show was at my favorite ball park, so that was probably my favorite part about it. Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen, and Kelly Clarkson also we a part of the line-up. Kudos to this being the first show I ever attended that started on time and stayed on schedule. However, because of this we missed Thomas Rhett and one Jake Owen song! Kelly Clarkson was okay, although I am not really a huge fan. So, my review might not be that accurate. She did play a Mumford & Sons cover and that was really good. Now onto Jason Aldean. It started to rain right before his set, but I didn’t care. I enjoyed dancing in the rain! It actually added to the experience. Now, I love pretty much every Jason Aldean song. Like Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan and my other country favorites, I can listen to a whole album without skipping tracks. They are all good. While I had fun dancing in the rain to some of my favorite songs and he sounded good, I just don’t think he was all that great. When I go to a show, I want a little more. One thing I love is when artists interact somehow with the fans. Jason Aldean did none of that. There was not really any talk about playing at Wrigley or even any “thanks for staying in the rain”. I mean Dierks crowd surfs, Brad Paisley plays a guitar with a beer bottle and incorporates Sweet Home Chicago into his set. Give us a little more, Jason! At the end of the night, I had fun but won’t be running to the next Jason Aldean concert. Unless he goes back on tour with Luke Bryan, obviously.

This was my fifth show at Wrigley. I have also been to Jimmy Buffett, The Police, Dave Matthews and Brad Paisley. My husband and I agree that Buffett was our favorite (and he has also been to Pearl Jam). I don’t know if it was just because it was the first concert at Wrigley, the transformation of the park/surrounding area to look as margaritaville like as possible or Buffett playing from the bleachers. Whatever it was, it is still the number one show at Wrigley in my book.

JT/Jay Z Legend of Summer

I will preface this by reminding you that Justin is one of my faves. My obsession began about 6 years ago when he played at the House of Blues to release Future Sex Lovesounds. Do you remember that? Justin. House of Blues. My favorite show of all time. Me, arms length away from the stage. Amazing. So, it kills me that I was in the 200 level at Soldier Field! But as you know I am a little bit of a concert snob in that way. Do you remember everyone I have seen up close? Well even though I was far away, this concert rocked. Seeing two artists like them onstage together, was epic. I don’t care how ridiculous that sounds, it really was! Besides being great individually, their chemistry on stage and the way they play off each other was quite a sight. I know other artists have done it, but from what I have heard, these two have done it best. I think this might have something to do with Justin, but more on that later. There was no headliner. They took turns, as well as perform together. They each sung their hits as well as some current songs.

With all this JT talk, let me take a moment to talk about Jay Z. I’m a fan, although not as much as JT. I know many of his lyrics,but often stood speechless. Pretty much just watching in amazement because he is amazing at what he does. In my opinion, he is the best at what he does. With that being said, I have read many reviews that have talked about this being Jay Z’s show and not as much about Justin. I disagree. Yes, Jay Z was amazing and everything positive is absolutley true. I think other reviews almost make it sound like Justin was running around like Jay Z’s sidekick. But do you know what? What Justin is able to do onstage, along the likes of Jay Z is what makes him the entertainer that he is. I mean he started out in the Micky Mouse Club and is able to rhyme/ dance / play alongside of Jay Z. You rarely saw Jay Z performing along Justin during his songs but often saw the opposite. That’s what I was talking about earlier. Justin can not only play his own music and do his own thing, but has the ability to play alongside others, and across many different genres. That adds to his entertainment factor.

Which, speaking of entertainment. This show was completely different that Aldean in that respect. They spoke to the crowd, although not overwhelmingly. One of the chicago references is not something I wish had to be referenced by anyone but is sadly not the case. In the intro toForever Young, the last song, Jay Z dedicates the song to Traevon Martin, just like he has at other shows. But, he adds somethings when talking about the violence. “Knock it off Chicago”.

At the end of the night, this show was AMAZING. I didn’t even care that JT was wearing man pris. He can do anything he wants 🙂

Just a word of advice- if you ever go to a show on the lakefront (either Soldier Field/ Northerly Island) don’t expect to get home anytime soon!

In summary- Justin is still amazing and you should go to his show in February. Unless he also plays at the House of Blues. Then go there for the best show ever. Wishful thinkin.






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