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I’m back!

Wow, what a busy year. When I wasn’t busy, I just wanted to relax, hence the blog hiatus. But, I think that I might be able to fit in some blog writing if I carve a little bit of time from pinning, facebooking and tweeting. So, here I am. Here is what (or who) has been keeping me busy all year.



It’s been such a great year watching Austin grow. Recently, I have been able to make some time for my self as well including cooking, baking and running. I finally ran 2 5k races, after signing up for about 6 races over the past few years and being too lazy to run. The 5am Austin wake up call makes it much easier.



We have also finally sold our condo in Chicago and moved to the burbs. I am only a little bitter about suburban life. Well, I am getting ready for a fun weekend of Jason Aldean, Justin Timberlake and a trip to Napa! So, I will keep you posted (get it- “posted”) on all the fun:).


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  1. pleasantandhome

    Welcome back! I hope to be following shortly. HA! 🙂


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