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Introducing Austin Jerome McGee =)

As I look back at my last post back in June, I can’t help but laugh.  I wrote about having my hospital bag all packed.  Well, good thing it was packed because Austin was born not long after that.  But, before I get to that, let’s recap some highlights/lowlights of last 9+ months.

August- Drew and I decide it’s time to start a family!

October- After only two months of purchasing pregnancy tests every day (maybe only a slight exaggeration), the test finally came back positive.  Yippie!  The estimated due date is July 6.

February- It was time to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.  It’s a boy!  We not only found out the sex of the baby at this ultrasound, but we also received some other news.  There was a chance our baby could have Down Syndrome, as he had three physical markers visible on the ultrasound.  The markers were not worrisome alone, but together they increase the likelihood of Down Syndrome. To think that my child will already have a difficult time in life no matter what, is one of the saddest feelings I had ever experienced.  We had to make a decision whether or not to have an amnio done so that we could be sure.  Since there is a risk of miscarriage, people are sometimes only advised to get one if there is a chance of terminating the pregnancy.  Since that was not the case for us, we didn’t think we would get one.  However, the next few days of wondering “what if”, was too much.  I think the stress would have done more harm than the chance of miscarriage.  There was so much to think about, since I am a planner.  Since my background is in special education, I was just thinking about all the planning and services to get an early move on.  The amnio went smoothly, and the results came back negative for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.  Although this was good news, there was also news that only one kidney was visible.  Since this is more medical in nature, it was less of a stressor for me. Also, many people are living with one kidney and don’t even know it. I do know I will be that crazy mom who is going to not want her son to be involved in contact sports, since the risk of injury to the working kidney is higher. But we can worry about that later.

March- Babymoon to Arizona

May- Baby Shower! (I finally have the pictures too, maybe I should post some)

June –

June 12th-

Drew and I had a consultation with Austin’s future pediatrician.

I went to my weekly Dr. appt.  Nothing spectacular.  She informed me we would measure dilation the following week.

June 13th – I fell in love with someone else and his name is Austin.  Sorry Drew.

But I am pretty sure he fell in love too;).  But, I am getting ahead of myself.  2:30am- My water broke.  I wasn’t exactly sure, but I pretty much knew that’s what was happening.  Off to the hospital we went,  three weeks earlier than expected. Well, that’s a lie.  The whole pregnancy I was saying Austin would come early, since he was measuring big the whole time.  So, we hung out at the hospital all morning.  I really wasn’t feeling anything until about 7 or 8.  Austin was born at 1:53 p.m. and weighed 6 lbs 14oz.  Not bad for being 3 weeks and 2 days early.

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days and went home Friday.  Monday, at our first doctors appointment, we were sent to the hospital.  Austin was looking a little too yellow and had lost a lot of weight.  We were a wreck.  Long story short, he had jaundice and dehydration, something not too uncommon with premature babies.  A couple days at the fabulous, new, Lurie Children’s Hospital and we were good to go. Austin spent a couple of days there tanning like Snookie and  filling up on fluids.

He just celebrated his one month birthday and is better than ever!  He now weighs 8 lbs 13 oz and is eating like a champ.  He is starting to become more alert and is sleeping more at night which is great.  He loves building his eye/hand coordination on his play mat.  Today, he seemed to find his lips and started making some smacking noises which is so cute.

Well, there’s the story of Austin so far.  Expect more Austin updates the cooking/baking ones, since there is a lot less time for that lately.



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  1. Jessie and Drew, thank you for sharing this story and beautiful photo’s of precious Austin. It is so amazing how fast they grow, continue to enjoy motherhood and all it brings.
    Love, Aunt Sue


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