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Well once again I have been horrible about taking pictures of some delicious food I have been eating, but  I managed to remember a few times.  Maybe pregnancy brain is to blame.  Especially since this happened yesterday:

Bags all packed

I packed my hospital bag yesterday.  Drew has been insisting I do this, although he is usually the one that packs last-minute.  Also, is it normal to pack a suitcase like this?  I mean, we are only going to the hospital and don’t need much.  Drew has not added his things to the bag and I am scared of what he might pack.  I have images of him trying to keep up with a regular routine.  For example, I have images in my head of  it being 7 am at the  hospital and him deciding its a good time to take a shower- you  know, when I am in labor and all.  For his sake, I hope he knows better =).  My cord donor paperwork also arrived in the mail yesterday- it’s supposed to arrive 3-4 weeks before delivery date.  Which means, we are only weeks away.  Yikes!  I hope we are ready for this!

So, there was a brief baby update.  Now on to food updates.  I still have some energy so I have been trying to cook when I can to avoid eating horribly. Like, for example, the McDonalds dinner we had Sunday. We are going to try to avoid those.

We had people over for Memorial day and I made a bunch of snacks which everyone seemed to love- and of course I completely forgot to take pictures.  In fact, I didn’t take any pictures at all!  Pretty sad considering it was our last get together as a household of two.  Anyways, here are a couple of dishes I made since then:

Chicken Kabobs and Brown Rice Salad

Chicken Kabobs and Brown Rice Salad

I don’t know why we don’t make kabobs more often. I always have chicken, peppers and onions at the house.  And it’s so easy to make!  I just marinated the chicken in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce an hour before and the vegetables in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.   So tasty.  I found the recipe for the Brown Rice Salad on my favorite blog.  The recipe says to serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled, but I definitely enjoyed it warm the best.  I loved it the first day but didn’t care for it the next.

Orzo stuffed peppers and mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette

Orzo stuffed peppers and mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette

I’ve made this before and it’s a really good meatless dish.  I added the salad and prayed it would be enough to fill Drew up; he tends to think of meals as always needing meat.  I found the Orzo Stuffed Pepper on pinterest.  I just finished left overs for lunch and it was just as good the second day.  I put this little salad together and I was pretty impressed at how tasty it was.  I just bought some raspberry vinaigrette so I decided to add that to some mixed greens, along with some fresh raspberries, slivered almonds and some red onion.  Drew was equally impressed.  I put it together on his plate without asking him the usual “What kind of dressing do you want?”, since that always means 1000 island and a mound of croutons.

And now, for my favorite food of the week:

Low Fat Banana Bread

Low Fat Banana Bread

I just finished baking and chowing down on two pieces of this Banana Bread.  I am going to have to watch myself before I eat the whole thing today.  Drew doesn’t like bananas so that means there is no one else to help me devour this; but at least it’s low-fat, right?

Well, that’s it for now.  The baby countdown is underway!



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