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Finished Bedroom

I am so excited that one room in our house is completely finished completely livable!

Here is what our old family room looked like before.

Old Family Room

Here it is during construction.

And here is our new bedroom!









I love it!  This is currently the most livable room in our condo.  We Drew still needs to paint the closet and french doors, but it’s pretty much finished.  A big thanks to my brother and dad for spending their week off helping get this done!

My brother is on his way over to sand the soon-to-be nursery.  That is the room I can’t wait for.  This past week has been super busy and included my baby shower.  Since all of Austin’s gifts are in our kitchen and living room, his nursery can not be completed fast enough.  So hopefully in the next week or so.  I will post some pics of the beautiful shower shortly, when I can get ahold of them.

Now I am off to get some breakfast.  Which reminds me that I should eventually get to What I at Weekly- or in this case bi-weekly  since I have been slacking.




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