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Paint choices

First off, here is a nice little breakfast I have been enjoying lately:

Everything tastes like a treat when you add white chocolate peanut butter.

Now, to the painting.  Drew painted the samples last night!  And he plastic wrapped two chairs for storage.

Here is the potential living room (and hallway and bedroom) color.  There was another grey up there too, but you can barely see it, so it is no longer an option.  I don’t think Drew is too crazy about it though, so we will see if we keep this or not.

When we started unpacking the samples, we realized we had two greys and three blues.  So, more options for the baby room than for the other rooms in the house.  Maybe because that’s the one we are most excited about?

The picture doesn’t show the true colors exactly, but here they are.  Drew likes the one on the right; but it’s too bright for me.  Yes I know it’s a baby’s room, but still.  I like the one on the left, but also the one in the middle.  We will see what they look like today and try to choose.  I also think I like the color on the left for the bathroom too.  And maybe our bedroom?  Drew likes the blue on the left, but he prefers the one on the right for the nursery.

Well, hopefully today we can make some decisions.  Hopefully we can settle on the grey so that we can go buy the paint in order to get started this weekend.


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