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Next up: painting

Well, it’s been over a week since our windows were put in.  Drew and I are both a little weirded out by the fact that you can now see in our dining room now.  We don’t want to get any sort of window treatment until after we paint.  Which, brings me to the next topic.  Painting.  Our dining room is now ready to be painted so that we can transform it into our living room.  This is what has happened so far:











On the left, you see what I have done.  I packed everything in the dining room.  Some in boxes for storage and some moved to the kitchen.  This also meant I had to condense/get rid of/store some things in the kitchen.  On the right, you will see what Drew has done.  He went to the paint store.  You can imagine my frustration with this; we don’t have much time to get all the painting done!  Some of the upcoming weekends are filled with baby classes, showers, graduations, etc.  Drew will be painting the samples onto the wall in a few minutes, so I’ll let you see our choices so far.  Hopefully, the dining room will be painted after this weekend.  And possibly the hallway.  We shall see.

I will leave yo with this gem from the paint store we went to:

Lee DeWyze, the winner of American Idol a few seasons back, is from Mount Prospect.  He worked at this paint store in Mount Prospect before “becoming famous”.  Here is their shrine for him.  Where is he now?


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