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Windows complete!

Part one of our condo projects has been complete.  If you remember from my last post, this is what our dining room windows used to look like:

So glad those are gone.  The window crew came early Saturday morning.  It sounded as though our place was crumbling down.  Which, might have been a good thing if it would have happened.  But I digress.  Saturday was kind of cool out, so once the work began our condo was pretty cold.

I met a friend for brunch at  Waffles, despite the fact that my voice was still raspy because I was getting over some sort of throat bug. I’ve been really trying not to be lazy and get out and enjoy time with friends while I still can.  I mean, I know I will still be able to see friends once Austin is here, it just might need a little more scheduling than I am used to.  I ordered a waffle with bananas and nutella and some of their breakfast potatoes.  They were both sooooo good.

When I returned home, the windows were finished!

Much better!  Now all we have to do is finalize paint choices and get painting in order to transform this into our new living room.  We also need some window coverings, but we should probably paint first.  Hopefully that update will be coming soon.

Time to finish watching the ACMs, bake one last batch of baked goods until I start my “third trimester healthy eating” and continue wishing I could be watching the Blackhawks (Direct TV and WGN are fighting, so WGN is no longer on my channel line-up).  Speaking of the Blackhawks, they are off to the playoffs once again!  Let’s bring home another one of these, boys:


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