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Condo Projects

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that we are doing some condo renovations.  Really, they are more like projects.  We have finally made some calls and had people come check things out.  Project Window will be happening on Saturday and I can’t wait to check one project off of our list.  Here is what we are getting rid of:

This will be our new living room

Ugly glass windows












As you can see above, our dining room has some ugly glass windows.  We are one of the last two units in our building to get these replaced.  I mean, why worry about making our condo pretty when we can spend money on dinners and vacations right? Since our dining room is now going to be our living room, we decided enough is enough. Also, we figured potential buyers will agree that the glass windows need to go.   I can’t wait to have these replaced Saturday!  Once they are replaced, the room can be painted and our living room furniture can be moved in.  I am going to miss having a dining room though =(.

Next project:

This is our current living room which will now be our bedroom.  See that closet?  The closet actually takes up that whole wall.  Yet, that is the only door.  So, it is like a maze trying to get anything from the left side of the closet.  Every time I have to get something from that end, I end up yelling, screaming and throwing something.  No joke.  It really is a good amount of storage space, but not functional at all.  So, we are going to put some sliding doors in replace of the current door so that it is more functional.  We will try to make it look like it could belong in either a bedroom or a living room.  Our realtor actually said we can try to market our place as a two bedroom when after we re-arrange everything.  That’s good news.  We won’t lost AS MUCH money and can hopefully sell it.  But, we want the potential buyers to be able to make it into a one bedroom again if that is what they want.  Also, that entryway on the right?  Some french doors will be installed.  The same company is also going to put in some electric outlets, since there are probably only about 4 in this place currently.  We have cords across floors in our dining room and bedroom.  It’s pretty embarrassing that it’s been this way for almost five years.  We were originally also going to have the electrician hide some T. V wires in the wall because this has also been happening for five years:

I mean, really?  How has this been okay?  But, Drew finally decided that maybe it’s not necessary for the T.V. to be up on the wall.  Really, Drew?  Why, because we don’t live in a bar?  As you can tell, I am glad he came to this conclusion.

We have yet to schedule this project, but we are just waiting to hear back from them.  Once the closet project is finished, we can paint the new bedroom and move our bedroom into the current living room.  When that is all done, our current bedroom will be empty.  So, then we can finally start the nursery, woohoo!

So, I’m pretty exited this is all starting to happen.  I’ll keep you posted on how the projects are coming along.

On an unrelated note, I made some delish cookies that I found on pinterest last night:

I suggest you make these right now.  Happy Baking!


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