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Delish Meals

I have had some great meals in the last couple days that I can’t stop thinking about.  I’ve also been piling up the veggies, so that’s a plus. I met up with my friend Cathy yesterday  to catch up, since I have been pretty M.I.A since the beginning of my pregnancy.  We both had off for MLK day, so we decided to go to lunch.  She suggested Prasino, a newish restaurant that describes itself as follows:  “breakfast, lunch and dinner selections celebrate artisanal flavors with a nod to local growers. grilled and braised meats, ocean-friendly fare & organic produce are menu features”.  So, we checked it out.  I saw a bunch of things on the menu that caught my eye; I was deciding between breakfast or lunch even though it was noon.  Apparently they serve breakfast until noon, which is plus in my book.  In the end, the vegetable flatbread won me over.  And, OH MAN.  This was the best flatbread ever!

Vegetable flatbread

I thought about this flatbread for the rest of the afternoon.  No exaggeration.  The flatbread had corn, tomatoes, caramelized onions, pesto, mozzarella, and balsamic. I will definitely be back, but it’s going to be hard to try something new and not order this again!  For those of you in the ‘burbs, there is also a location in Lagrange.

Before I had left for lunch, I had already started dinner, vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes, in the crock pot so my work was finished.  I think I met my veggie quota for the day!

For dinner tonight, I made Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peppers.  Wow, another great meal.  I had cut up the veggies ahead of time and let them sit out with the spices.  My kitchen smelled great even before I started cooking so I knew we were in for a delicious meal.  The spices on the chicken were fabulous.  I fell in love!  I will definitely use this rub on chicken in the future.  I think it might have been the fennel that really did it for me.  I have never cooked with it; I think fennel is often used on Italian Sausage on pizzas or at least that is what it made me think of.  The Balsamic Peppers were also delish.  I mashed up some garlic red potatoes to finish off the meal.  I should have incorporated a salad, but I still don’t have a taste for salad.  I’ll work on that in the upcoming weeks.

It’s time to relax and watch Parenthood shortly.  So excited it’s already Wednesday tomorrow.  I love short work weeks.


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