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Now that I am feeling better, it’s time to try to eat a little better.  For awhile, I barely wanted to cook which led to some not-so-good fast food choices.  I also really have to start eating more vegetables.  Since I have become pregnant, vegetables are the last thing on my mind.  I have to sneak them in my food like a little kid.

I tried making meal plans a few times in the past and I am going to really try to stick with it.  Although it could be annoying taking time out to think about what I want to cook/eat in the upcoming weeks(s), it really saves time and money in the long run.  Before, I would have a couple of ideas in my head when I went shopping.  I would come home with what seemed like a lot of food, but when it came down to cooking meals, I often didn’t have all the ingredients.   We would end up with a fridge full of food, but “nothing to eat”.  Two weeks ago when I went shopping, I had a couple of weeks full of meals planned out and bought all the ingredients.  I tried to have some similar meals so that I can incorporate similar ingredients or leftovers in other meals.  For example, pasta/sausage/garlic bread  one night, sausage sandwiches later in the week.  When this past weekend rolled around, are fridge was pretty much empty.  We used everything and had enjoyed two weeks of home cooked meals!

So, I did the same thing this week.  Here’s what I plan on cooking in the upcoming weeks.  I’ll have to add some veggies/salads as we go along too.

Monday-  Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday-  Roast Chicken with Balsamic Bell Peppers; red potatoes

Wednesday- Southwestern Pizza

Thursday- Mongolian Beef/Brown Rice

Friday- Beef and Cabbage wraps


Sunday- Pork Chops with Ancho Chili Rub and Raspberry Glaze/ Mashed red potatoes

Monday- Crock Pot Mac n Cheese/Asparagus (Trader Joe’s frozen- Amazing!) and Salad

Tuesday-Walking Tacos

Wednesday- Bruschetta Chicken

Thursday- Avocado Chicken Parmesan

Friday- Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna

Alright, time to start the slow cooker for my dinner and head out to lunch to catch up with a friend.  Happy Monday!




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