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Country and Cold Cans

Woohoo!  I get to see this guy in February:

My favorite country singer, Dierks Bentley, is coming back to Joe’s in February for his CD release show!  His tour is named Country and Cold Cans.  I will obviously be enjoying my country music this time without a cold can =) If you remember, I saw him at a concert outside of Joe’s in October.  And it was great!  This show will be smaller since it will be inside, and it’s going to be great.  Tickets were only $25 and include his new CD, which I was going to buy on Itunes anyways.  I also plan on being in the front row, so that is one deal.  I started to become a big fan about 3 or 4 years and having been waiting for him to come to Joe’s ever since.

You might hear me talking about shows at Joe’s bars a lot.  I’ve been to quite a few.  Here’s who I have seen in the last year or so:

Josh Kelley March 2011

Billy Currington Nov 2010

Luke Bryan November 2011

Brad Paisley September 2011





















Wow, what a great year in concerts.  I have become quite the concert snob.  Ever since seeing my favorites in small venues, I don’t like going to big concerts.  Small venues or festivals is where it’s at.  I saw Zac Brown at the Sear Center in November, and although they were great, I couldn’t help thinking how much greater it could have been in a smaller venue.  Other then the concerts from the last year, I have also seen the following in small venues:

Justin Timberlake- House of Blue Chicago:  My favorite show of ALL TIME.  I mean, it’s Justin.  That’s pretty much when I fell in love 😉   That was when Future/Sex LoveSounds, (Sexy Back just came out as a single) was released.  And I was basically in 3rd row.  AMAZING.  I had amazing videos that have since disappeared with my old phone.  I really hope that phone is somewhere in this condo.

Blink 182- House of Blues

Rascal Flatts- Joe’s

Dierks- Ravenswood Billboard Factory for a taping of PBS’s Live from the Artist’s Den- This is when I became a huge fan, although I liked his music before the concert.  After- I was obsessed.

My top two shows have been J. T. and Brad Paisley at Joe’s.  I already explained J.T.  I was probably about 3rd row for Brad.  What an amazing musician; even more so when you see him play up so close.  H played the guitar with a beer bottle at one point.

Okay, well that’s the end of my concert pics and reviews!  If you ever have a chance to see a show in a small place, do it!


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