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So much to do, so little time!

I am so excited that time seems to be flying by and the little “lemon” in my belly will be here before we know it.

On the other hand, it’s stressing me out because we have so much to do! 5 months until July; if the baby is early even less time!  We have a lot more to do than set up a nursery.  The nursery is what I want to start on, but everything else basically has to get done before we even empty the room for the nursery.  We live in a one bedroom condo and need to make changes so it can be 2 bedrooms.  Unless someone can magically buy it for what we owe.  Yeah.  Right.  Here is a quick run down of what needs to get done.

1.  Change out the glass block windows in the dining room to normal windows.

2.  Have an electrician come out to help with the outlets/wiring in our building.  This is mostly for our T.V. since for the 5 years we have lived here, we have had it up on the wall with wires hanging down. So, hopefully we can route the wires through the wall somehow.  Then, it won’t be a baby hazard and it will no longer look like crap.

3.  Paint dining room.

4.  Convert dining room into living room. Find small table to eat at so our baby’s first family meal memories don’t involve T.V. trays.

5.  Once living room furniture is moved out, convert living room into our bedroom.

6.  Hire someone to install french doors, both as an entry door to our new bedroom  and on our closet.  That way the closet is more functional, yet the closet doors can still look okay if ever turned back into a living room.

7. Possibly paint new bedroom,  Move bedroom furniture in!

8.  Finally, our old bedroom will be empty and we can start on the fun part- the nursery!

I’m tired and stressed just writing about it.  Until then, our baby is racking up gifts and we’ll have to find a place for them 🙂



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