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The secret’s out!

So, the other reason I haven’t been on here is a happy one!  Talk about every extreme of emotion in the last few months!  So, now I can spill the beans and talk about it.

That’s our tiny baby at about 7 weeks! I am officially in my second trimester and we heard the heart beat today.  Baby McGee will be hereon or around July 6th.  We first saw the heart beat at 7 weeks (which feels like so long ago) , so it was so great to hear it today.  So, this blog is going to be taking a different turn if you don’t mind.

We feel so fortunate to be blessed with our first child so early.  We are not getting any younger and couldn’t  wait any longer for the real estate market to get better so we can sell our condo, or for me to get a full-time job, or for any other the other best case scenarios. We decided that at the end of the summer we would throw away the birth control; we didn’t expect it to only take 2 months! That whole first month I was a crazy woman, buying every pregnancy test target had in stock.  Well, that is a exaggeration.  Kind of.  So, the day I returned from visiting my grandma and took a test, I couldn’t believe it was a strong positive.   This secret has been driving me nuts for months!  I wanted to tell the world, but Drew wanted to wait until 2nd trimester.  Along the way, we started telling some of the people closest to us, like our family.

It seems that a lot of people are expecting right now, including some friends.  One of them is one of my besties Amy!  My old college roomie is one week ahead of me and that is so exciting! It’s great having someone so close going through the same thing.  The only downside is she’s 5 hours away =(.

Alright, well that’s it for tonight.  I have to go back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off and I don’t know how I am going to function.  My sleep schedule is completely out of whack, especially with my random 2 hours naps.  Wish me luck!


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