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Addicted to Pinterest

Has anybody been able to stay away from the Pinterest craze?  I sure haven’t; I am officially addicted.  But, I think unlike some other social networking sites I may also be addicted to, this one is actually a productive use of my time.  I mean, there is a point to it.  It’s kind of like sticky notes, only on a web site.  And instead of sticky notes, there are “pins”.  I have a found so many recipes through the site, one of which I am about to share with you.  I’ve also used the site to save ideas for decorating my house.  Well, the house I will one day own once this real estate market stops being annoying.  Then we can sell our condo and buy a house.  Until then, I will pin.  Here’s the link to my Pinterst.

Here is my latest dishI found on Pinterest.  (Skinny) Swedish Meatballs!  I have probably only ate this dish a handful of times, but for some reason when I saw the picture I had a huge craving for it   You can find the recipe on the  Skinnytaste blog, which is a new favorite of mine, thanks to the introduction on Pinterest.

Well, now it’s time to convince the hubby (and myself for that matter) that a trip to Forever Yogurt is a good idea for dessert. I have not been a part of the fro-yo faze yet, but I am ready!  Thanks to Google deals, I spent $1 for $8 worth of fro-yo!  And I can not wait to use it.


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