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My hubby emailed me this afternoon asking me to bake some sweets for a shower that he has at work tomorrow. I noticed that the date on the original email from his co-worker was in the middle of October.  So, makes sense that he waited the night before to ask me, right?  Before he called, I was excited that I had some sweet potato veggie chili cookin’ in the crock pot and I was done cooking for the day!  But, there are some cookies I have been wanting to try , so I ended up helping him out.  The first cookie is one that I just found on Pinterest yesterday.  Literally yesterday.  Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies.

They were pretty good cookies, but I don’t think I tasted any cheesecake.  We will see what Drew and his coworkers think.  They kind of taste like snowball cookies I make during the holidays, only without powdered sugar.  You’ll be sure to see those cookies in the upcoming months.

The second cookie I made was peanut butter.  But not just any peanut butter.  I used Dark Chocolate Dream peanut butter.  I loved the White Chocolate Peanut Butter so much I couldn’t pass this one up when I saw it at the store.  It is definitely more rich than the White Chocolate and I wouldn’t use it on a peanut butter sandwich.  This is strictly for baked goodness.  This is also my first baking “experiment”.  While I used a basic peanut butter cookie recipe, I added the chocolate peanut butter all on my own.  So we shall see how it turns out!  The dough is currently chilling.

Do you know what all this cookie baking is making me think of?  Christmas!  I am one of the crazy people who can not wait for Christmas.  I do, however, wait until the turkey is in my belly to start decorating.  So, I am not totally crazy.  I stopped by Michael’s today and was excited to see the Christmas inventory being stocked.  Since I have Thanksgiving week off work, I think I will spend some time making some holiday decorations.  Can you believe it’s only a couple weeks away? I didn’t do much for fall ,so I can’t wait to get started.  Here are some of my fall decorations, before I take them down to make room for Christmas.

Coffee Bean and Candle


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