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And I run, I run so far away…

I just wanted to write a quick update on my running progress for the week.  It was a success!

Sunday:  2 miles easy running

Monday:  Alternate 1/2 mile run at race pace, with 4 min. walks (4X), 1 min. walks to warm up, cool down

Tuesday:  rest or cross train

Wednesday:  2 miles running on a hilly course

Thursday:  2-3 miles walking

Friday:  Long run at easy pace, 3-4 miles -3 miles; plus 3 mile walk

Saturday:  Rest or cross train- I will rest tomorrow!  Well, I will be driving for 10-11 hours tomorrow.

I am heading off to the middle of nowhere tomorrow to visit my Grandma.  Here’s my workout schedule for the week.  I will be driving again next Friday, so I’ll have to switch some things up.  I am just not sure what to switch yet.  I am glad the weather will be in the 70s down south.  Today’s run in the cold very cool Chicago wind was a bit chilly for me.  I will have to invest in some cold weather running gear,  especially a hat and/or headband to cover my ears.  I wore my Blackhawks hat today, but I don’t want it to get all sweaty!

Sunday- 3 miles easy run

Monday- Alternate 1 mile run at race pace with 4 minute walk (2X).  I mile walks to warm up, cool down.

Tuesday- Rest or cross train

Wednesday- 2 miles at race pace

Thursday- 2-3 miles walking

Friday- Long run at easy pace, 4-5 miles.

Have a great weekend! Time to hit the sack to rest up for my road trip.


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