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I’m a fraud

So, I feel like a fraud.  This blog was supposed to be about a healthy balance of mostly healthy food, fitness and fun.  Ever since I started the blog though, it has been about A LOT of fun and not many healthy choices.  My neck and mouth are better though, so I now have no excuses.  Also, today I went shopping for some new fall clothes at the Outlet Mall and was disgusted.  Now most people might roll their eyes at me and wonder why I am complaining about weight issues. It’s not something I obsess about, but it is something that gets to me at times.   I am able to cover up my “problem” areas for the most part so it may go unnoticed to others, but my pant size does not lie to me! In the past few years I have gone up 4-5 pant sizes.  This is one of the reasons I love wearing dresses.  Well, it’s fall now and I decided to try to buy pants today  but the experience was horrible.  So,not going to happen.  What IS going to happen is getting back on my running  and yoga plan ASAP. Here is the one healthy food choice of the week: 

Hungry Girl’s pumpkin enchiladas!  These were tasty and included my favorite food of the season, pumpkin.  I absolutely love all of Hungry Girl’s cookbooks and recipes and highly recommend buying her books and signing up for her daily recipes.  She makes healthy swaps in some great recipes. 

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m getting ready to hang out with friends tonight and go on a haunted walking tour.  I’m excited; it should be fun.  In high school, some of my friends and I would go to a  “haunted” cemetery and hope to see ghosts.  It never happened, but hopefully tonight will be spooky. 


Happy Friday!


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