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Am I the Only One that Wants to Have Fun Tonight?

I have been singing this song for the past three days.  But, more on that later.  Once I got over the worst part of this wisdom teeth debacle, I was able to spend some time with good friends and partake in some good times.  Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my hubby strolling through the neighborhood.  It was in the 80s in Chicago!  It was great to have the weather just right and at the same time have the beautiful scenery of colorful leaves.  Our stroll through the neighborhood was actually a mission.  And it was a success:

Ever since the beginning of fall and my obsession with pumpkin, I have been wanting to try some pumpkin beers.  I really enjoy Dogfish Head brews, and their Punkin Ale sounded tasty.  It seemed every store and bar was out of this beer already, though!  On our walk home, we were able to secure the last 4 pack at a local store.  And I would say it was worth the hunt. It is by far the tastiest Pumpkin Ale I have tried so far.  Well done Dogfish Head!

Saturday night a good friend of mine had some people over, so the fun continued.  I was able to taste my new beer, hang out with some fun peeps, and also watch a Blackhawks victory!  Oh, and eat some very delicious cupcakes my friend Mia baked.

Country Sunday Funday

Here’s where that song comes in.  The fun continued Sunday with a concert from my absolute favorite country artist:

Pretty easy on the eyes, right?

Dierks Bentley! The concert was a charity event called “Miles for Music” and more than $144K was raised for Children’s Memorial Hospital.  My friends Lisa and Steve joined my hubby and I for a day of country fun.  I was able to wear my boots!  Also, my husband has turned into a country junkie and I love it.  Up until now, Lisa has really been my only friend who loves country music as much as I do.  Now I can add Drew to the list.  I think we might have converted Steve too.

I think when people think of country music, they think of traditional country music and are turned off my it.  Today’s country is so different and many artists have “mainstreamed” onto non-country radio stations.  Most of the music is just about having fun and I think if people gave it a chance they would love it!  I have only really been into it the last four or five years.  My hubby just jumped on board.  So, anything’s possible. So, about that song. “Am I the only one?” is one of Dierks Bentley’s new songs and I love it.  I found this video on youtube since mine didn’t record so well.  I need a new camera!

As you can see, I have been having a lot of fun despite some health problems the last month or so.  I didn’t think it was a good idea to start running again because my mouth is still in pain, but I am hoping to get some running in sometime in the next few days.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Um, four or five years?! You seem to be forgetting the Achy Breaky Heart obsession circa 1995. 😉


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