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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  Why is it such a happy Monday?  This week, the weather is going to be gorgeous in Chicago!  It’s currently 67 and sunny, so after this post I am going to take advantage of it and stroll around the neighborhood.  This weekend was pretty low-key, which was okay in my book.  There was one thing that I was pretty excited about,  and that was brunch at my favorite place in my ‘hood, Cinnamon Café.  This is why:

I love this breakfast dish!  No, it’s not healthy but it is such a treat!  Here is the description from the menu:  Banana French Toast, Caramelized Bananas, Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Cheese and Almond Rum Sauce.  There are days when all I can think about is this meal.  The reason I was so excited to go is that the restaurant had closed down for a few months.  It didn’t seem likely it would re-open because there was not enough business during the week and because when you look at the place from the outside it doesn’t look like anything special.  It re-opened though and I am super excited.  I am constantly trying to get the word out to friends and via Facebook so that it remains open.  Besides the great french toast dishes, the menu has many items with a Spanish influence.  I have yet to eat something that I haven’t liked.  I had never tried an egg over chicken enchiladas with molé sauce before, but there’s is fantastic.  This is what my hubby ate this time:

It was an omelette stuffed with chorizo, black beans, corn, cheese and a red sauce.  It was delish.  I could really talk about the food here all day, so I will just stop now!

~Jess’s relationship with running~

My delicious, and not healthy, food selection at brunch yesterday helped increase my motivation to run first thing this morning.  I feel great after it.  Let me explain to you my relationship with running.  Three years ago, if you would have suggested that I would ever enjoy running, I would have thought you were crazy.  I couldn’t even run 3 minutes without having to stop.  It gradually became easier.  My goal is to start participating in races, however I am 0 for 3 this year so far.   I have a habit of signing up for 5Ks and then not actually showing up to the race. Usually I blame Chicago weather, because when I wake up and it is cold and rainy, I do not feel motivated to run.  The last two races, I legitimately was going to run though.  After signing up for the taste of chicago 5K, I realized it was the same day as a family baptism.  There was no way I would be able to run and then make it to the ‘burbs for the baptism.  This last one was a 5K that had to do with the Chicago Blackhawks.  At the end, there was an open practice.  Ofcourse, this was motivation for me! In the days leading up to the race, I was on my couch for two days straight due to a neck strain.  I couldn’t move my neck.  The day of the race, I tried running in place and my neck just still wasn’t right.  So, I had to sit out once again.

Despite not actually running in a race, I regularly run 3 miles.  I have never followed a schedule and just run until I can’t anymore.  This has not helped increase my endurance at all, or help out with my pacing.  So, I decided to start a 10K schedule.  Here is my schedule for the week:

Monday:  2 miles easy running

Tuesday:  Alternate 1/2 mile run at race pace, with 4 min. walks (4X), 1 min. walks to warm up, cool down

Wednesday:  rest or cross train

Thursday:  2 miles running on a hilly course

Friday:  2-3 miles walking

Saturday:  Long run at easy pace, 3-4 miles

Sunday:  Rest or cross train

Wish me luck! Now I am off to stroll through the neighborhood and hopefully find some new running shoes.  I have a $10 reward coupon for DSW; hopefully I will stay in the athletic shoe aisle and not wonder through the rest of the store.  Very unlikely.



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