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I am happy to say that I was much more successful with my food choices today!  I didn’t exercise, but I did say I was starting that back up next week.  Last night I experienced crazy insomnia, so no energy for that today.  I started off my day with one of my favorite quick breakfast/snack combos:

I absolutely love this granola!  It is one of my favorite buys at Trader Joe’s.  It goes great with vanilla yogurt and fruit.  I usually add a banana; it tastes great with the nutty flavor of the granola.  Sometimes I add strawberries or raspberries, or a combination of these three different fruits.  It’s not only a good quick breakfast, but a good afternoon snack too.

For lunch I had another one of my quick favorites, pasta. I just heated up a tablespoon of olive oil and a clove garlic and then added some green peppers, onions, tomatoes and red peppers. I use Barilla Plus pasta; I don’t even miss the regular pasta.  It really only took a few times to get used to the different taste, and now I prefer the texture of the Barilla Plus.  I topped it will a sprinkle of reduced fat mozzarella and lunch was served.  Isn’t it colorful?

Since I didn’t make stir fry for dinner yesterday, I made it tonight.  For the first time in weeks I have had a good amount of veggies in my meals!  I love Trader Joe’s frozen Organic Brown Rice; you pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes and it is cooked.  So, while that was cooking I stir-fried some veggies.  More green peppers, green onions and garlic.  I also through some peanuts in with it.  I added some reduced sodium teriyaki sauce and my stir-fry was complete.

My day of healthy eating was a success, although other than that my day was really boring.  Summer in Chicago is officially over and the dreary weather is settling in.  Countdown to summer begins again…

On a non-food related note; I just realized that ABC is replaying the new show Suburgatory!  I forgot to DVR it on Wednesday and have been trying to find this all day today.  I really do not need another show in my line-up, but we will check it out anyways.


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