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Inaugural Post!

Well, here I am writing my first post.  I wanted to get this started, but have to admit that the last week I have been indulging in a lot of fun and (not-so-healthy) food, and by no means balancing it out with a healthy lifestyle.  Case in point:  My hubby was not going to be home for dinner tonight, so I had planned on cooking a healthy brown rice and veggie stir-fry for dinner.  There has been way too much meat consumed in the last week. I wasn’t extremely hungry tonight, though. This is what happened instead:

I have a huge weakness for mac-n-cheese.  Usually it is the oven baked bread crumb covered bubbly kind.  This time, it was from a box.

As I said, my week has been filled with fun.  Here is a look at the week that has left me feeling unhealthy and ready to get back on a healthy kick next week.  I haven’t been feeling well either, which is why I say Next Week.

Last Wednesday, my hubby and I were able to check out The Best Show Ever!  And it was FREE!!  Brad Paisley played a free show at a bar in Chicago.  The country radio station in Chicago is constantly having free country shows there.  For those of you who are country fans and in Chicago, here’s the page that usually has the info for how to win the free tickets:  Free Country Tickets at Joes’s Bar!  Here’s a pic from the show:

Next, it was time for a Cub’s road trip into enemy territory:  St. Louis!  Two of my best friends live in St. Louis, so I travel there often to visit.  The trip was filled with pizza, mexican food, ice cream and hot dogs.  So, the unhealthiness continued.  But so did the fun! This visit included my first trip to Busch stadium to catch a Cubs-Cards game.  Here are some pics, but let’s not discuss the outcome.

Then this week, after a couple of days of lying low and eating semi-healthy, my friend had free last-minute tickets to a Blackhawk’s pre-season game.  I could not resist, because I am a huge fan.  This, however, meant that I could not prepare a nice healthy meal beforehand.  Instead, I scarfed down some food quickly before leaving and then proceeded to eat  have a *taste* of some BBQ Brisket nachos at the game.  They were yummy!  And the Hawks won against their rival, the Red Wings!   Good times and I can’t wait for regular season to begin next week.

I have been having a ton of fun, but the last week has left me feeling sluggish.  I remember why I try to keep a healthy balance.  So, better luck next week.  Hopefully then, I will be back on track!


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